Risk Management

Insurance Company

Società Reale Mutua di Assicurazioni

Policy Number


Limit of Liability


Activities Covered

Every activity taking place in Palazzo Trecchi.

Reale Mutua
TRECCHI HUMAN LAB / Risk Management


The Trecchi Human Lab (via E.V. Soc. Cons. a R.L.) has an insurance cover for third party liability, with the following features:
Insurance policy number: 2014/03/2189610
Limit of liability: €5,000,000.00
Insurance company: Società Reale Mutua di Assicurazioni
Activities carried out: organisation of conferences, seminars, internships, training courses, workshops aiming both to a theoretical and applied knowledge of topics. Events involve academic as well as practical lectures with anatomical specimens, models, medical supplies, surgical instrumentation, drills, plastic bones, relevant machineries; organisation of leisure events; publication of books, booklets, manuals, periodicals; realisation of on-line learning supports; realisation of on-line professional supports; provision of professional advice; management of companies and scientific associations; management of promotional activities; organization of receptions in broader terms (e.g. art exhibitions, expositions, etc.); management of the totality of Palazzo Trecchi’s activities.